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A cough is a natural reaction to any irritation, inflammation or blockage in the airways. It often accompanies an infection such as a cold or bronchitis, but it may come about through nervousness with no direct irritation at all. By keeping the bronchial tubes open and clear, coughing can be of vital importance and treatment should generally be aimed first at making the cough more effective rather than just suppressing it.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are very necessary to the diet and are quite often all that anyone suffering from a catarrhal cough but bananas, potatoes, nuts and other 'floury' fresh produce should be avoided.

Home remedies for Cough

Cough Treatment using Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

A useful way to help a cough do its job more effectively is by using oils in a steam inhalation; oils can be chosen to soothe the lining of the air passages, fight infection if needed, and loosen mucus to make it easier to be removed.

Soothing oils include Benzoin and Lavender. Many essential oils are antiseptic, especially Thyme and Eucalyptus. To increase expectoration choose Frankincense or Marjoram. In fact all the above oils are helpful for tackling coughs problem. Choose a blend that you like the smell of and remember that if the cough does not improve within a few days, seek professional help especially in case of children.

Herbalism - herbal remedies for Cough

Cough treatment is an area where herbs are of special benefits. If you are in doubt get qualified treatment. Choose from one or a mixture of the following, taken as warm infusions.

COLTSFOOT (Tussilago farfara): one of the best cough remedies, particularly for irritating, spasmodic coughs. It will soothe, loosen mucus and reduce the spasm.

HYSSOP (Hyssopus officinalis): a calming and relaxing expectorant when the cough is associated with restlessness and irritation.

Fresh or dried herbs can be used to make a steam inhalation to loosen congested mucus and open the airways.

MARSHMALLOW (Althea officinalis): a demulcent remedy which means it is highly soothing to the inflamed tubes. For a harsh, dry and painful cough always include Marshmallow in a mixture to ease the soreness.

THYME (Thymus vulgaris): powerfully antiseptic, this relieves a dry cough linked with a respiratory infection.

Different Types of Cough

It can be useful to divide coughs into two types - when the membranes are hot and dry the cough is painful and non productive. As mucus is produced, the cough becomes moist, looser and can feel almost choking. The first kind needs soothing, while the latter requires help in removing the excess mucus. Choose the appropriate cough treatments in each case.

Homeopathy and Cough Treatment

For short-term treatment of a cough, try a few doses of one of these remedies:

ACONITE: for a dry, short cough which may occur first thing in the morning or come on after exposure to cold, dry winds.

BRYONIA: for a really spasmodic, dry cough which shakes the whole body and is worse with movement or after eating.

IPECACUANHA: for a moist cough, with some wheezing and a feeling of choking, and often much nausea.

PHOSPHORUS: for a dry, irritating and tickly cough, made worse by changes in temperature.

Naturopathy -Natural home cures for Cough

Initially coughs are often quite dry and painful. Taking a little honey from a spoon will help to soothe this. To make the honey much more powerful, try mashing a little chopped raw onion or garlic. It is an effective remedy for cough. Also cut out all dairy products from the diet to reduce the catarrh.

Either steam inhalations or a hot compress will encourage expectoration and stimulate the lungs to work better.

Once a cough has been eased, try not to slip back into eating patterns which include a lot of sugar, dairy products, cakes or pastries, as this can lower resistance to infection and help the cough to linger on or even to return in full force.

For children and for anybody where the cause is unknown and when the cough persists it is important to seek medical advice. Similarly, if the mucus is bright green or yellow this indicates the presence of an infection.

Treatment for Dry Cough by natural Home Remedies

Eat pickled red cabbage with vinegar and mixed with honey this will also reduce a tickly cough.

Grind coriander and sugar candy in equal quantity and take 1 tsp. of it with a cup of rice soaked water. It will be beneficial in curing cough.

If the cough is severe, take hot black coffee without milk.

Mix 20 drops of garlic juice with pomegranate juice and drink it. It is beneficial in all types of cough.

Heat some jaggery with clarified butter and eat it when comfortably hot. Massage the chest with a mixture of clarified butter and rock salt. It cures chronic cough.

If you have cough, soar throat and a congested chest, take hot water with salt in it. Suck on a piece of turmeric. It will provide relief fast.


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